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Fruits, Veggies, & Herbs

We decided to plant fruits, veggies, and herbs in the raised beds this summer. Here are some pics from my morning gardening.

Kristan (who is happily on summer break from work!)

Pic one: herbs
Pic two: tomatoes
Pic three: squash
Pic four: blueberries (the kids picked the first ones yesterday)

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thank goodness for Oxy Clean!

The kids were playing quietly outside this afternoon while I was working on dinner. I poked my head out and asked what they were doing. Sam’s reply, “mommy we are busy.” I know now that means I should check further….this little game started out as watering the new grass seed we put out last weekend. I guess playing in the mud was more fun 🙂



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canoe fun

We took the canoe out this morning and tried some fishing. Got some bites, but no fish. Here are some pics of our fun.


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