Sunday fun

Rahul’s 15th year reunion was this weekend at Duke. The final event was a champagne brunch in the Sara P. Duke Gardens. The kids had a blast! It was overcast and a little chilly, but everything was in bloom and it was beautiful. Aidan is already planning our next visit, complete with a picnic and soccer ball fun.

The Easter bunny made a surprise visit to the gardens. This made Samantha’s day.

Another important event – Samantha got her first birthday present this weekend…a big kid bike! We really wanted it to be a surprise, but we were not sure what size to get and needed her to try some out. After a chat about not getting another b-day gift on her actual birthday, we let her take it out for her first ride. I was really impressed at how well she did.

And, because I know everyone wants to know how George is doing with his training, here is an update – George still will not go off the porch, but he sat and took in the nice spring afternoon smells from the front porch (without a leash!). I am hoping one day he makes it off the porch, but it was really nice to be able to leave the doors open with the kids playing in the front yard and Rahul grilling in the back.

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