Sunday activities

Aidan joined Cub Scouts a month ago. Today’s troop activity with dad was to go to Touch A Truck at University Mall. Aidan and his new friend got in almost every type of vehicle you could imagine and had a blast. Face painting was also on the agenda, and Aidan was transformed into Frankenstein. Aidan’s favorite vehicle was the Duke Life Flight helicopter. He got to fasten himself right into the front seat! He gets his Cub Scout uniform at next month’s pack meeting. Needless to say, he is a big fan of Cub Scouts.

Samantha and I spent some time hanging out swimming and weeding the gardens this afternoon. We were so surprised at the flowers she planted from 2 packs of seed in the raised beds last spring…they did what we thought they would do…re-seed, re-seed, and re-seed. There was supposed to be room to plant some tomatoes for daddy, but I can already tell the beds will be full of flowers in just a few months. Samantha definitely has a green thumb 🙂

And, guess who ventured off the front porch today? Yes, that would be George! He came out of the side gate, but went straight to the front porch. As Samantha and I were weeding, he decided to try and sneak off to the neighbor’s house. I heard a yelp, and he darted back for his safe zone (the front porch). But, I think we are making progress….AND, he stayed in the invisible fence! I guess we are officially in the supervised probation phase of training.

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