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garden update

It has been a while since I have given a garden update. Here is an update for the end of August:

I planted more sugar snap peas this summer even though they are a spring and fall crop. We eat them a lot on salads, so I figured I would try. Even in the heat, the peas have climbed up the trellis and have started producing flowers. This means that peas will be here soon!

We have more tomatoes on the way. I counted 6 today. Here are a few that just need to ripen.

I harvested the last of the carrots today. Not sure we will plant them again. They are super sweet and tasty but take forever to grow.

Pretty soon we will be planting spinach, lettuce, and more peas!

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Happy birthday Aidan

It is hard to believe that the little guy in the picture below turned 8 yrs old today.

Aidan is still into trains. I have given up on this being a phase. The love of trains is here to stay. He wanted a Big Boy Locomotive party, but shockingly those kinds of parties do not exist. I was determined to give Aidan what he wanted, so I had a party banner made (did not include his age in case we want to use it again next year 🙂 with a picture of a Big Boy that Aidan picked out. Check out my work:

Aidan wanted The Challenger train, HO scale like his Big Boy. The Challenger is a 4-6-6-4 train and the cousin of the Big Boy. Thank goodness for Craigslist and someone needing to make cash fast. He has taken such good care of his Big Boy that we felt like he was old enough to expand his train collection. So, meet the Challenger.

For his dinner celebration, Aidan asked to go to Tandoor. He ate at least 3 plates of saag paneer, chicken tikka masala, and tandoori chicken. The waiter, who has waited on us since Aidan’s first visit to Tandoor when he was 8 mos old, brought him mango ice cream for his birthday.

Despite the party with his grandparents having to be rescheduled because of Hurricane Irene, I think he had a pretty good birthday.

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first day of school

Today was the first day of 1st and 2nd grade for Samantha and Aidan.

Aidan wanted to walk in solo. He said he was on the 2/3 hallway, so moms cannot walk kids in on that hall. That is not technically true, but I honored his request 🙂

Samantha wanted me to walk her in and was super nervous. But like always, she was fine once she got settled in. We are a lot alike in that way…new things are hard, but after that initial step, everything is fine.

We did not get a lot of information about the actual school day, but 2 smiling kids getting in the car after school was good enough for me on a first day.

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the last day of summer

Rahul got to hang out with the kids for most of the day because I was getting ready for Teach Social First at Perry Harrison this year. For more on that, click here.

Samantha has been asking to make cupcakes all summer, so that was the special treat to officially end summer vacation.

Here is a pic of Aidan and Samantha icing their end of summer cupcakes 🙂

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learned something new

I learned something interesting today after this guy showed up in our vegetable garden.

Samantha and Aidan actually found the snake. We were all fascinated by his blue eyes. Thanks to Google, we quickly discovered that he is a black racer snake. When they are about to shed their skin, their eyes get a bluish color and they become sluggish preparing for the process. I am sure that is the only reason we were able to photograph a lighting fast snake like the racer.

One more picture because Aidan took almost 200 in a 10-minute time frame 🙂

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1st sleepover

Samantha was invited by her friend Lille to her first sleepover a few weeks ago. I did not want to embarrass her by taking the camera along. But trust me, I wanted to.

Tonight Aidan is having 2 friends sleepover. The boys played in the pool, had pizza for dinner, and are watching Mars Needs Moms. This time I was able to get a picture (with minimal embarrassment probably b/c Noah and Jack know that I take pictures of everything 🙂

Rahul and I are trying to be careful with the TV shows we are watching. Haha. Who knew that would be the hardest part of hosting a sleepover.

Here is a pic of the friends eating popcorn and watching a movie.

Samantha is sleeping over at Noah’s house tonight with his sister Sophie. How cool to trade kids for a night with a good friend.

And, just in case anyone is wondering, when Samantha has a friend sleep over here, she too will be embarrassed by my picture taking!

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last beach pic

Ok, I promise this is the last beach picture. I had to include it because this surfer frog really does say beach fun for our family.

We have stayed at the same beach house for 2 summers now. As we drive down the main road of Wrightsville beach, Samantha and Aidan look and look for the surfer frog because it means we are almost at our beach house. We wave to him every time we drive by, and he faithfully lets us know where to turn to get to our house.

So, this beach trip since Samantha loves frogs and both became surfers this summer, we pulled over so I could get a picture of the kids with their favorite surfer frog. I am waiting for the kids to ask for one in our yard 🙂

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