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concert date night

Wow, we had to move mountains for this date night.
Kristan: work, pick up kids, get Samantha to ballet, homework and snacks in the car, Aidan to soccer practice, back to meet the babysitter at the house. Leftover spaghetti for dinner, and Aidan got a ride home with Jack’s mom from soccer practice.

Rahul: on a very busy day, patient shows up over an hour late for procedure, throws entire afternoon schedule off. Rushes home, changes clothes, Googles directions to concert and dinner in the car.

Whew. So much just to go on a date! But, the end result was a wonderful dinner and concert with friends. I am still humming along to songs from the concert, and I am still awake after 9:30pm. I thought for sure I would turn into a pumpkin!

Wilco is a great band, well worth all the craziness we had to get thru this afternoon. Jeff Tweedy is an amazing songwriter. He was in the 1990s, and still is now.

Concert date nights for mom and dad are so good, even if they only happen once a year 🙂

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garden update and BIG news

Check out what Samantha and I harvested from the garden this afternoon.

We usually do not make it inside with a lot because Samantha eats most of what she picks right off the vine 🙂

In other news….Samantha can tie her shoes! Since my kids mainly wear Crocs and Keens, I was not sure this day would come. Good job Samantha!

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soccer Saturday

So, after Rahul volunteered to help coach and got a book on how to coach kids soccer, he never heard from anyone with the YMCA about helping out with Aidan’s team. That coupled with the fact that Aidan’s team had 5 players total made us worried he was going to be on yet another dud soccer team. We did 2 seasons of Rainbow soccer in Kindergarten and had a similar experience. Aidan learned nothing, played silly games like the crab walk all during practice (still trying to figure out how that makes you a better soccer player) and he was bored most of the time. He is getting to an age where he needs to have some skills to play… it is not cute when you are 8 yrs old and go in the wrong direction with the ball…so, I decided we needed to make a move. I contacted Aidan’s best buddy Jack’s mom to see if there were any spots on Jack’s team. Jack’s mom is a no nonsense kind of lady and told me exactly what I needed to do to get him on Jack’s team.

Aidan only attended one practice before today’s game, but he was amazed at how awesome Jack is at soccer. We explained that Jack has been playing since he was 4 yrs old (with good coaching, obviously) and he could be that awesome too if he tried his best, etc. At dinner after practice Aidan asked for seconds of vegetables because he said it would make him faster like Jack…score one for mommy!

Today was his first game, and he did AWESOME! After the game he said he wants to play Chatham Rec Soccer for the rest of his life 🙂

Check out his goal.

Samantha’s YMCA all girls team is perfect for her. One of her friends from Kindergarten is on her team and she has 3 coaches (that know what they are doing). Today was the first scrimmage. I was so proud of Samantha! She hustled up and down the field like a champ.

So, today was an all day soccer kind of day, but it was worth it. Both kids had awesome experiences 🙂

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2nd grade rocks!

Aidan LOVES 2nd grade! He talks about all the cool things he is doing every day after school. Here are a few highlights:

1) The first science kit: the life cycle. Aidan was beyond excited about the arrival of the butterfly eggs. The students will examine, feed, record observations, make predictions, etc.
2) The desk fairy. On weekends, the desk fairy visits the classroom to see which students are doing a good job keeping their desks organized. Desks that get the fairy seal of approval are awarded with a special treat.
3) Spelling homework. Students get to pick different ways to practice spelling words each night. Aidan’s choice tonight – salt spelling. So much cooler than writing words 10 times each, huh?

The best part of 2nd grade for me…12/12 smiley faces for good behavior and work habits, and a happy kiddo at the end of each school day 🙂

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shop til you drop!

Both kids desperately needed some fall clothes. Some of Samantha’s spring/summer dresses were so short that I have been making her wear shorts underneath so she did not get in trouble for violating the school dress code.

I asked who wanted to go shopping today, and Samantha quickly said yes. Aidan said to just get him pants and t-shirts (yes, he is a male 🙂

We hit Kohls and Target and scored big. I even found lightweight and heavy coats (hard to do sometimes). Of course ever-growing Aidan’s coat did not fit, so I will be going back this week for a bigger size.

Samantha loved trying on her clothes in the dressing room. She pranced around in front of the mirrors, even trying on things she knew would fit her.

Here is a pic of Samantha with all of our bags.

I love shopping with my favorite shopping buddy 🙂

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fall soccer

We won the extracurricular activity lottery this fall with soccer. Both kids are playing soccer, and to our surprise, they are playing the same day, same time, and adjacent fields. Samantha is playing on an all girls team, Aidan on a co-ed team (but there are no girls on the team, so it is technically an all boys team). A bonus: a friend from Samantha’s Kindergarten class is on her team.

Aidan’s team only has one coach, so Rahul was asked to help coach. Because he is an amazing dad, and wants Aidan to have a good experience, he said yes. Just another reason why I said yes when he asked me to marry him 🙂

So, here are soccer team members from the Green Dragons and Polar Bears.

Even better, Rita’s ice cream after soccer 🙂

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sleep issues and a funny :-)

Samantha has been waking up in the middle of the night again. She says she gets scared, comes downstairs and whispers “mommy, mommy” about 2 inches from my face. I scream, since I am not expecting someone that close to me in the middle of the night, and then Rahul wakes up because of my scream. Ugh. After a few nights of this happening 3-4 times, we decided we needed to do something about it.

I suggested she write down her worries in her journal, and we could talk about them in the morning. I also offered bonus allowance if she was a big girl and stayed in her room.

Rahul did what he is great at….prepping her for bed with all of her night lights, Winks the elephant in special pjs, etc.

The verdict: She stayed in her room all night last night…woo hoo!

Now for the funny part. Samantha left this check sheet for us tonight. Spelling is still really phonetic, so here is what it says: Did you check on me. Yes or No

So much for my worry journal. Samantha turned that idea into adult accountability. But, I will DEFINITELY check yes tonight before going to bed with the hope that we all can get a good night’s rest!

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