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dance parties

The kids have been singing and dancing a lot these days.

Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto was released earlier this week. Rahul and I actually were getting it in different places at the same time on the release day. Aidan’s favorite song is Paradise. Here he is singing his new favorite tune.

Samantha prefers more pop culture music (AKA what she hears in PE class). One of her favorite tunes: Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. George was a reluctant participant in this video πŸ™‚

That silly song is STILL stuck in my head at 10pm!

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1st camping trip and a special sleepover

Rahul and Aidan headed to Mt Morrow State Park after the Saturday morning soccer game for Aidan’s first Cub Scouts camping trip. They had a blast. Check out some pics of the fun –

Samantha also had a special weekend. She had her very own sleepover with Nana….just her, no boys allowed! Nana took her shopping and look what she came home with: a new ballet outfit and *real* ballet shoes! Check out my sweet ballerina –

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Bobcat badge

Aidan earned his Bobcat badge at his Pack meeting yesterday. Check it out –

All 3 Perry Harrison Cub Scouts earned the Bobcat badge. Go Mariners! I have a feeling that Aidan, Jack, and Noah will be friends for life πŸ™‚

Poor Samantha had to go to Aidan’s soccer practice and Pack meeting, but she was a trooper. She was definitely a “thinking about others” kid. I am sure that a sleepover with Nana while Aidan does his first Cub Scout camping trip will make up for all of her sacrifices πŸ™‚

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Early Release Day

Our family really needed today’s school early release day. We have so many activities in the afternoons that it can be difficult just to get dinner and homework done on most afternoons.

Today Aidan finished his Young Author book. He wanted to do a “how to” book. I explained that most things he would want to write about how to do have already been written. He was persistent (that is Aidan) and came up with an idea about how to be a good soccer player. Now, that works! Below is Aidan’s title page and then his “chapters” are below.

How To Be A Good Soccer Player
By, Aidan Shimpi

Chapter 1: How to practice

The first thing you need is a coach. He lets you know what team you are on and where to go to practice. My coach is Brian.

The first part of every practice is running laps around the soccer field. You need to run fast to get out lots of energy.

After drills, we play a scrimmage. This is when we practice actually playing a game.

Chapter 2: How to steal the ball

To steal the ball you must run fast and try your best to get the ball from the other team player. You can’t be afraid to take the ball from the other player.

Chapter 3: How to be a striker

The left striker is on the left side of the field. The right striker is on right side of the field. The midfielder is in the middle. The striker has two jobs: passing to other teammates and trying to score goals.

Chapter 4: How to be a goalie

The goalie has the most important job on the soccer team – guard the goal and not let the other team score. The goalie always has to pay attention!

Chapter 5: How to be a good teammate

To be a good teammate, you should help players up when they fall down, help them learn the rules of the game if they are new to the team, and say β€œgood job” to the other team at the end of the game.

About the author
Aidan Shimpi is a 2nd grader at Perry Harrison School. He likes playing soccer, being a Cub Scout, and reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

In other news, we are trying out Foster’s Market Family Dinners. You get 5 made from scratch dinners that you just have to heat and serve. We have loved our first 3 meals. Check out tonight’s dish:

Orzo with grilled zucchini, grape tomatoes and lemon oregano. Served with a spinach salad with candied walnuts, grilled red onions and blue cheese dressing.

What a nice option for those busy nights of ballet, soccer, Cub Scouts.

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a busy day

Samantha and I did a quick shopping trip this morning and had lunch together. Rahul and Aidan went looking for camping equipment since his first Cub Scouts camping trip is next weekend.

After a brief quiet hour, Samantha and I got to work in the yard. We had 2 main goals:
Get rid of the Japanese stilt grass and the Vinca Minor. Japanese stilt grass is an extremely invasive weed in our area that I have been fighting with double the amount of recommended Round Up all summer. It looks very innocent in this picture, but it can grow as tall as your waist if you do not keep it under control.

Rahul actually did the last Round Up treatment of the year (we hope) while Samantha and I had the harder job of getting it out of our Forsythia bush…it had completely taken over this poor plant.

Next on the agenda – the Vinca Minor. Now that we have a lawn irrigation system, the Vina Minor has taken over the front garden. I had cut it back earlier in the summer, but that just seemed to make it come back stronger. Samantha had a blast ripping it up out of the ground this afternoon.

I had people warn me about this ground cover, but I thought it would be nice to have something green year round that the deer do not eat. Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea. We will keeping ripping it out until it is gone from 81 Wild Azalea Lane.

I did stop and admire our new Vitex plants. I got 2 in early summer for the area in the front garden that I cannot get anything to grow because of the deer and too much shade. Last summer I planted a bunch of Foxglove because it is poisonous to deer…they still ate it. Check out our Vitex (keeping in mind that it started out at Samantha’s waist in May). I think I have a keeper for the front garden!

Other tasks: mow and re-seed some stubborn areas in the lawn. I will have green grass year round, I will have green grass year round, I will have green grass year round!

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what is missing?

Samantha lost a tooth yesterday after school! Apparently, she bonked it with her pencil eraser while she was “thinking” about what to write. It was so loose that she was scared to eat lunch or snack in after school. I knew it had to come out before dinner so that she could finally eat something.

It was not an easy process, but I got it out. The tooth itself was barely connected to her gums, but Samantha was super scared. I am glad we do not live in a real neighborhood or someone might have called the police listening to Samantha during the process. It went something like this….”mommy, please do not kill me! I do not want to die! Promise you won’t kill me, please!!!!” But, in the end, I got it out, and no one was murdered in the process πŸ™‚

We called the tooth fairy after dinner, and she left Samantha $2 under her pillow. She is already wanting to know when we can go to Target to buy a special treat.

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time to carve pumpkins

Yesterday Nana came to hang out with us (oh, and to help out since Rahul was on call and Aidan had Cub Scouts). Of course because Rahul was on call at Duke and Durham Regional, he was not able to make Cub Scouts. As all good moms do, I filled in. In the meantime, Nana and Samantha stayed home and carved pumpkins.
Check out their work.

Samantha’s has real teeth, earrings and make up (fancy :-). I tried to explain to Samantha that Triscuit earrings would probably not last that long on the front porch…we have raccoons and other animals that visit our front porch nightly. But, I am proud to report that the earrings survived the first night.

Aidan wanted to decorate his, and he wanted it to be evil. I think he achieved his goal.

Now we just have to hope that they do not rot before Halloween πŸ™‚

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