Young Authors 2011

Each year the media department hosts a Young Authors competition at Perry Harrison. Everyone that submits a book wins some type of award. Samantha finished hers today. She wanted to have drawings and text on different pages, so below is the title page and following that is her story. I am now charged with finding a place that will bind her book so that it looks like an official book.

Not Even a Coconut is Worth That!
By, Samantha Shimpi

Once upon a time there was a zebra. His name was Stripes.
He lived in the desert and liked to run very fast.

One day he met a rabbit named Hopper who liked to hop a lot!

Stripes and Hopper decided to go on an adventure in the jungle.
When they got to the jungle, they met a monkey named Morris.

Morris told Stripes and Hopper about an evil cobra named Slither that lived in the jungle.

Slither was a very mean snake that would use his venom to bite his prey. Morris told Stripes and Hopper to watch out for Slither!

Stripes and Hopper were not afraid of snakes and went in search of some tasty coconuts.

Oh no, look who it is? It is Slither! Stripes and Hopper ran and hopped as fast as they could to get back to the desert.

They decided prickly pears were just as tasty as coconuts, even if they were spiky.

PS – Aidan is working on a how to book for this year’s competition. I will post his when it is finished 🙂

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