a busy day

Samantha and I did a quick shopping trip this morning and had lunch together. Rahul and Aidan went looking for camping equipment since his first Cub Scouts camping trip is next weekend.

After a brief quiet hour, Samantha and I got to work in the yard. We had 2 main goals:
Get rid of the Japanese stilt grass and the Vinca Minor. Japanese stilt grass is an extremely invasive weed in our area that I have been fighting with double the amount of recommended Round Up all summer. It looks very innocent in this picture, but it can grow as tall as your waist if you do not keep it under control.

Rahul actually did the last Round Up treatment of the year (we hope) while Samantha and I had the harder job of getting it out of our Forsythia bush…it had completely taken over this poor plant.

Next on the agenda – the Vinca Minor. Now that we have a lawn irrigation system, the Vina Minor has taken over the front garden. I had cut it back earlier in the summer, but that just seemed to make it come back stronger. Samantha had a blast ripping it up out of the ground this afternoon.

I had people warn me about this ground cover, but I thought it would be nice to have something green year round that the deer do not eat. Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea. We will keeping ripping it out until it is gone from 81 Wild Azalea Lane.

I did stop and admire our new Vitex plants. I got 2 in early summer for the area in the front garden that I cannot get anything to grow because of the deer and too much shade. Last summer I planted a bunch of Foxglove because it is poisonous to deer…they still ate it. Check out our Vitex (keeping in mind that it started out at Samantha’s waist in May). I think I have a keeper for the front garden!

Other tasks: mow and re-seed some stubborn areas in the lawn. I will have green grass year round, I will have green grass year round, I will have green grass year round!

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