clicker training

We started clicker training Fireball right after the tree climbing incident. With cats, and I think most animals, they need to have something *to do* in order to be happy. Bored pets get into trouble.

Samantha decided to join in on the clicker training, and wants to clicker train Fireball to ring a bell for her 1st grade science project. The training steps that we have completed so far:
1) introduce the clicker
2) targeting – present treat, gradually moving away from kitten, click/reward when he comes for treat.
3) the “come” command – the next step after targeting.

Now that Fireball has the basics of clicker training, we are going to try to train him to use the toilet. The first step is to put the litter box (with toilet lid on top) in front of the toilet.

You gradually put books under the litter box so that is the same height as the toilet. Next, click/praise/reward exploring the toilet. Eventually the kitten is supposed to start using the toilet and the litter box is removed. I guess time will tell if our project is going to work. Wish us luck.

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