Fireball the famous kitten and double sleepover

I sent the Christmas tree pic of Fireball to the “your best shot” editor of the Chapel Hill News. The pic was supposed to run on Christmas Day, but there was a baby Santa featured instead (come on, Fireball is WAY cuter than a little baby dressed up as Santa!) I thought FB was not going to make the paper, but then a friend posted on my Facebook wall last night that Mr Fireball was in yesterday’s paper. We were out at the grocery store and Samantha suggested we check to see if there were any copies from yesterday. I was focused on finding the date on the paper when I heard Samantha scream “there he is!” And, sure enough there was Fireball on the front page.

Here is Fireball’s print debut –

In other news, we hosted a double sleepover last night. Aidan and Samantha’s friends Noah and Sophie came over for pizza, a movie, a ton of giggles, and late night fun.

Aidan’s iPad proved to be an entertaining device. There were many movies made, most involving burping, ninja fighting and dancing with Fireball.
Aidan and Noah plotting the night’s fun:

Sophie’s mood ring was also a hit. When I wore it, the color was blue which means happy and relaxed.
Check out Samantha’s color:

The meaning: deep heartfelt contemplation, sincere, thoughtful, sensitive emotional serenity, etc. Yep, that pretty much sums up Samantha.

The sleepover gang:

Fun was had by all, maybe a little too much fun. Aidan did not wake up for the day until almost 11am (he says he and Noah stayed up all night). I took all electronic devices from them at 1:30am, and did not hear anything after that, so who knows how long they stayed awake. I think Aidan is still listening to their videos tonight, cracking up laughing each time he watches.

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