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Fireball and supervised probation

Fireball has been spending some time outside this weekend under “supervised probation.” This is the language used by the Invisible Fence Co. Basically it means he can be outside and off leash with supervision (it does sound a bit like he just got out of jail 🙂

I will admit that I was a bit worried about letting him off leash. I was the same way with George. It is just hard to erase those memories of chasing George to 15-501 and finding Fred dead on the side of the road. I really want an invisible fortress to keep my pets as safe as possible.

What we learned this weekend:
1) FB prefers the back yard to the front.
2) He did not go close to the fence or flags even once.
3) His tail gets super bushy when outside.
3) He runs super fast in short bursts. If you do not believe me, check out the picture below.

He went to the door and meowed several times after dinner. We explained that he could explore outside, but only when we were outside. Luckily for FB, we are having a mild winter and spring is around the corner which means more time in the back yard 🙂


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I celebrated my birthday with these cool little kiddos yesterday.

We went to Tyler’s for dinner, and I was instructed by Rahul and my good friend Liz that I had to get something yummy. I got the fish and chips and savored every salty, yummy bite.

40 is the new 20, so that makes me 19 years young!

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bedtime reading

We needed some new books for bedtime reading. Aidan can read by himself, but we still want to do parent/child book reading at night before bed. We switch it up too so that we each get to read with each kiddo a few times each week.

I took the kids to Barnes and Noble today to pick out some new chapter books. Samantha has finished all of her Junie B. Jones books, and Aidan is almost done with the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

I convinced Samantha that she should read some Beverly Cleary Ramona books. When I explained that Ramona was a lot like June B, she was hooked.

Aidan had a hard time picking out a chapter book. He was more interested in the science/non-fiction section…my nerdy little man. But, when we came home and I told dad that Aidan could not find a new chapter book he wanted to read, dad suggested another classic – Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Great book….and I had a copy in the attic.

My attic book search prompted me to pull out other classics that I had saved. I am so looking forward to reading them again. Although, I have to admit that am sad that I do not get to read more about Junie B. She is such a spunky 1st grader.

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The kids had their first basketball games today. Well, the first games were actually last Saturday but we were in the most magical place on earth. Sigh, I still miss Mickey a week later.

Aidan’s team played against a tough and talented team. The teams were clearly not evenly matched, which resulted in a 47-7 loss for the Pistons. While it was painful to watch, Aidan seemed to have fun and was oblivious to how bad his team seems to be (similar score at last weekend’s game).

Samantha’s first scrimmage was today as well, and I am proud to report that she scored the first goal for the Blue Dolphins! Check it out –

Maybe it is the liberal, Chapel Hill hippie girl in me, but Samantha’s basketball game with a lesson about honesty was so much more enjoyable than Aidan’s smackdown, screamfest 7-47 game.

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Young Author Tea and Namaste

Today was the Young Author Tea. I was doing Teach Social First lessons with Ginny, so I could only attend part of the tea for 2nd/3rd grade. Aidan’s category (non-fiction) was announced at 1:28pm, and I needed to be in my next classroom at 1:30pm. Woo hoo, I was able to see him get his certificate and get to my class only a few minutes late.

Samantha’s tea was earlier in the day, and she earned 2nd place in the adventure category. Go Samantha!

Aidan earned 4th place in the non-fiction category. I love the fact that he was wearing his handsome shirt, but his pants were covered in dirt from recess. That is my boy 🙂

Mema and PPops are visiting this weekend. They brought all kinds of Diwali gifts from their trip to India in Oct and Nov. Check out Aidan and Samantha. Namaste from Chapel Hill.

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Samantha’s video

Rahul took some video footage of Samantha dancing in the Disney parade. Once we were home, he edited this clip for me. I loved hearing his laughter while watching his daughter shake it, shake it, shake it. For now, it is cute 🙂
She had a blast dancing and had some good moves. Check it out –

And a pic of Samantha shaking her “tail feathers.”

I have a ton of pics to edit, and I am back to work and the kids are back to school in the am. Check back later in the week for more Disney pics. I miss Mickey already 🙂

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Hollywood Studios…even more fun!

Wow, so much fun today. Again, another short post since I am beyond pooped and our flight is at 8am tomorrow.

We had a blast at Hollywood Studios today. I am so glad we had a plan for this theme park, since most of the rides/activities we wanted to do were either closed or out of FastPasses by 11:30am.

First on the agenda was signing Aidan up for the Jedi Training Academy. They only have 9 trainings a day (15 trainees each), so it is a highly coveted activity for Star Wars fans.

Check out the video of Aidan battling Darth Vader. Also, probably b/c his face was painted as Darth Maul (a bad guy for those not familiar with Star Wars), he also got to use his “force” against the Storm Troopers. Check it out.

And a pic –

Brave Samantha rode the Tower of Terror (a super scary ride…my hands were shaking when it was over), danced with this Disney Channel dancers, and the best part of the day…getting her face painted! Check out my fancy and glittery unicorn.

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