Hollywood Studios…even more fun!

Wow, so much fun today. Again, another short post since I am beyond pooped and our flight is at 8am tomorrow.

We had a blast at Hollywood Studios today. I am so glad we had a plan for this theme park, since most of the rides/activities we wanted to do were either closed or out of FastPasses by 11:30am.

First on the agenda was signing Aidan up for the Jedi Training Academy. They only have 9 trainings a day (15 trainees each), so it is a highly coveted activity for Star Wars fans.

Check out the video of Aidan battling Darth Vader. Also, probably b/c his face was painted as Darth Maul (a bad guy for those not familiar with Star Wars), he also got to use his “force” against the Storm Troopers. Check it out.

And a pic –

Brave Samantha rode the Tower of Terror (a super scary ride…my hands were shaking when it was over), danced with this Disney Channel dancers, and the best part of the day…getting her face painted! Check out my fancy and glittery unicorn.

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