good eats and stressful basketball

One of Aidan’s Cub Scout leaders recommended a new Indian restaurant – Saffron. I think it has actually been around for a few years, but it is new to us (we usually go to Tandoor or Mint). The grandparents are in town for a visit, and Aidan invited them to go to Saffron for dinner. In honor of his grandparent’s visit, he wore his Indian clothes to school. Check out it –

The food at Saffron was excellent. P Pops, who has eaten at many, many Indian restaurants in Maryland and DC declared Saffron was the best of them all. Aidan loved the decor. After the waiter shared that the furnishing were all shipped from India, Aidan took Mema around the restaurant to show her the “decorations.” After eating about 4 plates of food, Aidan told our waiter it was the best food he had ever eaten. For more about Saffron, click here. It looks like we might have a new favorite family restaurant.

Now for an NCAA tournament update. Samantha was ready in all of her lucky clothes and accessories (2009 championship shirt, 2005 championship hat, Ramses pillow pet, and pom pom). Look who joined her to cheer for the Heels….Fireball! That is one smart cat 🙂

The game was super stressful. I think I am getting too old for basketball games that go into overtime. Sigh. The Heels pulled out the win, but I am already dreading playing Kansas.

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