construction day 4 and FB update

The workshop construction is going speedy fast. Today the loft and roof were added. Now, Rahul and I have done enough projects not to get sucked into the idea that the entire project will be this speedy. Projects always start off super fast, then slow down, then pick back up at the end. But for now it is fun to watch it change day to day.

The kids had fun checking out the loft. It is a lot higher than I thought it would be. We will need to be extra safe with the ladder.

Fireball went back to the vet to see what his eye looked like once the swelling went down. There appeared to be some damage to his cornea, so I took him to Animal Eye Care so that an ophthalmologist could check him out. I don’t think we will ever know really what caused the eye trauma, but it looks like the corneal abrasion is superficial and the infection can be treated with pain medication and antibiotics. Send Fireball get well vibes!


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