Fireball the mischievous kitten

Fireball has been quite the mischievous kitten these days. First, the incident with the flying thing that stung him in the eye (his follow up appt to check his cornea is Thursday after school). Next, he discovered the aquarium. At first he sat and looked at the fish with his tail swishing back and forth.
When this was not enough, he decided to jump on top of the aquarium and do a little paw fishing. Sigh. Luckily for Pink Fish (Albert the algae eater is too big to be worried about FB), he did not become an afternoon snack.

Just when I thought this mischievous little man could not find anything else to do to get in trouble, he decided to do the one thing that I have been worried about…he escaped from the Invisible Fence. The first time, he sat in the driveway and calmly looked back at me to see if I was looking. Then, he raced across the invisible fence without even flinching. Now, when he was fitted with his collar he was half the size he is now so I am guessing the “correction” no longer bothered him. I immediately called the Invisible Fence Company, and someone came out today to set the “correction” at a higher level. The first step was to address the aquarium issue. We are using the inside disc we used for George to prevent him from going upstairs to now keep FB from eating Pink Fish. Good Lord the things we do for our pets!

So, here is Fireball as I tried to lure him outside of his invisible fence.

He would not even attempt to leave once. Of course this was after the Invisible Fence guy put flags around the aquarium and showed him with the collar off that it would beep (AKA shock) once close to the aquarium. Looks like FB is smarter than we thought…and entering adolescence 🙂

We will return to “supervised probation” and only allow FB outside while we are home for the next few days. I want to make sure he is really going to stay in the fence before we head out of town for spring break.


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