challenging day as a parent

Wow, hard day as a parent.  At soccer practice today, I was telling a few parents how Aidan commented on someone’s checkout cart at Trader Joe’s while Samantha was at ballet. He told the shopper that he liked the Indian frozen meal she picked and added that he was born in India. One parent said, “oh, wow I thought he was yours,” which prompted me to tell Samantha  to share where she was born. I quickly added that they are BOTH mine and left it at that.

On the way home from soccer practice Samantha stared crying asking why that mom would think that “we were not yours.” Thankfully Aidan chimed in and said that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. (This was after some coaching last year when a friend kept saying I was the babysitter and could not be his mom). The great thing about that (other than Aidan’s take away message) was Rahul’s take on it…..the kid thought I was young enough to be a babysitter…perspective, right?

Samantha is my thinker, so I need to be aware and make sure that I am taking care of her when talking about her heritage. I am super proud of both kids, and the countries they came from. How they process this information is up to us as parents…a really big responsibility.

I will ALWAYS be an advocate for adoption. It made our family complete.


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