craft room and mischievous Fireball

The exercise equipment was moved to the workshop today, which means I got to put the craft room together. I do want to add that Rahul and I put the craft table together earlier this week. No cursing, and we were all smiles when the project was complete. Maybe we are getting more handy in our old age 🙂


And, my kitten Fireball continues to get into mischief. Today’s antics were harmless but still entertaining. It was a showdown: Fireball vs Robbie Racer the black snake. FB took a few swats, but Robbie slithered away harmless.


He had a friend with him that I almost stepped on checking out FB’s buddy. I welcome any and all black racer snakes on Wild Azalea Lane. They kill moles and voles and keep the copperheads away. They are what we call, good snakes 🙂


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