from Norway to Chapel Hill

We hosted a pool party for friends from Norway (they are staying the week with other friends of ours who live in Cary). This was the first official pool party of the season, and we were excited. The most exciting part of the party – baby Aurora, quite possibly the cutest and most laid back baby in the world!


The kids were great with her. Samantha is a natural mom. She tried to rock Aurora to sleep, gave her an old baby toy to keep. Check out mama Samantha in action.


Aidan blowing bubbles with Aurora and her mom.


Me and my sweetie poolside.


This was the weather when it was time to grill steaks for dinner. We did not let this kill the party spirit (and Rahul grilled with Roar and David taking turns holding an umbrella over him).


Hanging out inside also proved to be fun. Roar and Aidan battled with light sabers. Boys, boys, boys. They are the same at any age πŸ™‚


George tried to give Aurora some kisses, but she was not impressed with his doggie breath πŸ™‚


Of course Wendy brought special desserts for the kids. Not sure how many cupcakes the kids ate while we were chatting with our friends….here is one happy, sugared up Samantha.


So, a super successful first pool party!


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