to travel or not to travel…that is the question

So, Aidan has really gotten into soccer this season. I guess it is like most everything with Aidan, when he is ready he gives 100 percent. A little frustrating as his mom, but it is his personality and he always comes around with the important things like potty training and writing…haha.

He wants to play on the Chatham Soccer League travel team in the fall. It is a much bigger commitment than rec soccer, so Rahul and I have been on the fence about it.

Tonight, rec soccer practice was canceled because of possible thunderstorms. Aidan got a super, special invite as a result: practice with a teammate on the U10 travel team (the dad of his teammate is the coach). To say Aidan was excited to play with “the big kids” would be an understatement.


As a mom, my favorite part of practice was hearing the 4th graders cheer Aidan on when he was doing the skill drills 🙂

Rahul and I have decided to let him try out later this month and go from there. Of course after tonight’s practice, Aidan totally wants to do travel soccer. Surprised? I am not. I am just glad he has an after school activity he is excited about.


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