Fireball finally gets his kill

Fireball has been trying to catch a squirrel for months now. He will stalk them, chase them up trees, and wait patiently for them to try and come down (for up to 45mins). Today he finally got one. I was walking by the bedroom window and saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. It was then I discovered FB over a dead squirrel. As I approached to take a picture (because that is what I do!) he ran back over to his kill and flipped it up in the air for me. I think he was proud of his work 🙂


When I told the kids FB finally got a squirrel, Samantha said “wow, I bet Nana is happy. She hates squirrels.” That is true, Nana has battled the squirrels for many, many years as she has tried to feed her beloved birds.

After ballet class we found FB still playing with his kill in the afternoon thunderstorm. I keep thinking back when I asked about his preferences and his foster mom said that he would be completely happy being an indoor cat. Hmmm, not sure about that.

Fireball may play and kill during the day, but he is my sweet shnuckums at night. Sleeping behind my head is his nightly ritual 🙂

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