Fireball is going to be a big brother!

I ran across some pics on the NC Cat Adoption Facebook page and fell in love with this little kitten.


His name is Banjo. Siblings are Flute, Melodie, and Treble. Mom’s name is Harmony, which should explain the origin of Banjo’s name 🙂

He is with the same foster mom that found Fireball. Here is a pic of him when he was one day old.


Banjo is now 9 weeks old and even cuter, if that is possible.


We talked as a family about adding another pet to the family, and we convinced Rahul that it would be good for FB to have someone to play with 🙂

Banjo still needs a few more weeks with his mom, and he also needs to be neutered, which works out great b/c we have lots of summer activities starting next Friday. Check back after our beach trip for more pics of Banjo and his official introduction to our family!


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One response to “Fireball is going to be a big brother!

  1. C

    He’s adorable! You will have so much fun watching them frow up together!

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