Go Railhawks!

The Carolina Railhawks made it to the US Open Cup, so we decided to go and watch the game. Great weather, great friends, a fun time for all (including tailgating with Bojangles chicken!) Here are some pics of our fun:

Hanging out before the game, playing soccer of course!

Tailgating Chatham Soccer League style….we are way too classy to tailgate behind a car šŸ™‚

Samantha and O’Brien have become great buddies this soccer season (pic courtesy of Krista).

Meeting the Railhawk.

Samantha hanging out with the guys (pic courtesy of Michelle).

Other notable happenings not caught on film:

1. Davide doing (his now famous) Turtleman impersonation.

2. Dawn Porter lending us her hands so that we could have enough tasty beverages for our entire crew.

So much fun, even if it meant the kiddos having to power walk from the car rider line this morning to avoid the tardy bell. Summer break, you are so close….we are ready for your arrival!


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  1. Look at all the Shimpi fun I have missed while my computer has been acting up! Looks like you have had a great week. We are also eagerly anticipating that last bell on Friday!

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