Let the summer vacation begin!

I was so ready for summer break to start that I asked the front office staff how long the kids had to be in school today in order to get credit for being at school (it was an early release day, dismissal at 1130am). The answer was 9:45am, so I pulled in at 9:50am ready to start our summer break! We needed to do a final grocery run, hit the bait store for the some worms for fishing, pack and wait for daddy to get home to head out to Lake Norman.

I think I love the lake more than any other place on earth. I feel relaxed just walking down to the dock. Here are the kids heading out to start an afternoon of fishing.


The final numbers as of 8:30pm are: girls 6 and boys 2. I have a catfish pole out, and Aidan still has a pole out for bass so those numbers could change later on.

After a few hours of fishing, the kids decided it was time to get in the water.

Samantha giving Aidan a friendly push in (he was willing and already wet).


Fun times on the slide as always.


Tomorrow Kevin, Samuel and Nana are coming to visit, which should make our fish numbers go up. Crossing my fingers we catch something tasty to eat!


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