write, edit, date night!

I am using this week to do a lot of editing on the 12 Teach Social First lessons. The kids are at the grandparents, and this will be my only completely kid free week all summer, so I need to be focused and get a lot done. 6 lessons were submitted as a part of the book proposal, which leaves 6 more to clean up. The catch is that we did not have the manuscript guidelines when we did the book proposal, so there are lots of little changes that need to be made to the first 6 lessons. I feel like I am back in the days of dissertation writing – setting little mini goals to make a really big task seem doable. I spent the bulk of the day (9am-5pm) sitting in front of my computer…..in my PJs 🙂


My goal today was to clean up 3 chapters. My treat for meeting my goal: a date night with Rahul, my friend Liz and her husband Jamie. Liz and I have not been running together a lot because of our schedules, etc so it was good to catch up with her. We decided to try the new fancy restaurant in Pittsboro. I know, it sounds strange to say fancy and Pittsboro, but Oakleaf definitely surpassed our expectations.


A great day and night overall, even though we miss the kids a lot. Rahul even mentioned going to check on them last night at bedtime. The house it soooo quiet, too quiet, but after the voicemail we listened to when we got home from dinner, we know the kids are having fun. The message was just Samantha making random, silly noises 🙂 They are having fun, we are having fun/getting things done….and maybe having another date night tomorrow night if I meet my daily goal!

Life is good.


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