beach fun!

We are at the beach, of course, because it is the 3rd week in June. This is the week we always come to the beach. It includes Father’s Day, and Rahul loves the beach almost as much as Disney World. We are not crazy enough to do Disney in June 🙂

The kids charged for the waves as soon as their sunscreen was dry.

After dinner we headed out for some surf fishing. Kevin gave some tips, and our beach neighbor helped me figure out the lure and weight (fishermen are just nice people!)

Here was my post:

After 3 casts, this is what I caught:

I am sure you can tell how proud I am of my catch 🙂 A couple walking by said he was a croaker. I Googled him after the kids went to bed and figured out this guy is pretty much the sunfish of the ocean…easy to catch, will eat anything, etc.  I am ok with that, this was in fact my first try at surf fishing. Samantha has promised to wake me up at 6am so we could go out and fish again early before daddy’s Father’s day breakfast. Hoping to catch more fish tomorrow!

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