camp week 1

Week of summer camp was a hit!

Aidan came home with a Jr Palaeontology kit. It was actually really neat. He had to chisel away the rock to get to the dinosaur bones. He was quick to add that he needed to wear his safety goggles 🙂 Today his camp took a field trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences…fun!


Samantha LOVED Color Magic. She came home with so much art today. It was super cute to listen to her tell *all* the details about each piece. Here is my favorite: a self portrait with a snazzy Color Magic t-shirt.


Next week we have a break from all summer activities….I think we need it after our super, busy start to the summer. The week of July 9th, Aidan is doing Total Soccer Experience and Samantha Down on the Farm (complete with 2 field trips to local farms). I wish I could go to camp!

On another note, It is really hot here right now. Today’s temps were over 100 degrees.  Along with a dip in the shady pool, the kids feasted on some yummy watermelon.


Tomorrow is a special day…we get Banjo! Crossing my fingers he has a smooth transition to our family.


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