landscaping work and possible chickens??

So, Rahul and I have been debating about what to do around the workshop. Samantha and I put down some mulch and wildflower seeds, but it needed more. We tried some lattice at the bottom, but that was not the look we wanted. I really wanted to plant some bushes to cover the bottom open area, but the thought of digging big holes in North Carolina clay (in July) was not exciting to me. Then, out of the blue Rahul said “why don’t you get one of those digging tools?” That digging tool (after a quick Google search) is an auger.


I was skeptical, but after reading the reviews on decided to give it a try. I was shocked. I planted 10 plants (including 4 giant Nandinas) in under an hour. Yes, folks under an hour! It was so easy to dig the holes with the auger. Why I have not discovered this handy tool before, I do not know.

The Nandinas are a new type from Southern Living (I know Nana is proud right now…haha). Click here for more info on this new plant. I also planted some cone flowers and black eyed Susans. I am thinking these plants, along with the seeds Samantha and I planted earlier, will provide a lot of coverage around the workshop.

Now for some before and after pics:


Now for a chicken update. I think Rahul is warming up to the idea 🙂 Partly because of this video:

I have been researching chicken coops, and there is a lot to learn. Right now, I am liking this coop with a built in run.

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  1. Love the landscaping plan! Can’t wait to see how it looks next summer after maturing for a year.

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