summer soccer and grilling

For those that do not know, Aidan tried out for the CSL travel soccer team in the spring. He made the team, but for the longest time there was no one willing to coach and it was questionable that there would be enough players for a team. For these reasons, we held off on telling him. The first practice was a few weeks ago, so we decided to tell Aidan and let him check it out (and yes, there are enough players and 2 coaches now).


Aidan getting a high five from Coach Frank 🙂

We are still learning about this higher level of play soccer stuff. This is what we know so far: kids start off playing rec soccer (what Aidan has played for 2 yrs) then move up to Academy, followed by Challenge. Academy focuses on skill development and Challenge is more competitive. So, this fall Aidan would be on an Academy team.

The practices are 1 1/2 hrs, so 30 mins longer than rec practice, which can be tough in the July heat, but Aidan has done really well in both practices. I could tell he was still not 100% better from his cold yesterday, but he never complained. What both Rahul and I have both noticed is that Aidan seems more serious about the game at these practices. During rec practices, I sometimes had to remind him not to get silly and goof off. I have always said that Aidan goes wherever the bar is set, which can be a bit frustrating as his mom. But, it is good to know that if the bar is set high, Aidan will too.

The biggest drawback of Academy soccer is that practices and games might overlap with Cub Scouts, which means Aidan could not do both. Unfortunately, we will not know practice and game schedules until closer to the start of the school year. So for now, Aidan will keep on going to the summer practices. Be on the look out for an update in late August.

Now for other summer news. Check out what Samantha picked from the garden yesterday.


I invited the Aguiar family over for dinner and actually used the grill all by myself (Rahul is in NYC for the weekend). Michelle sent out a plea for help in decorating their cow for the NC Cow Parade (click here for more info) but seeing as how I cannot even figure out the American Girl knitting kit for girls ages 6 and up, I was not sure how helpful I would be. Instead, I offered to feed them dinner 🙂

Check out my burgers and squash:


We divided up the GIANT watermelon (haha) and each kid got a few bites. It was small, but super sweet and tasty.


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  1. Way to go Aidan! I know he will have an awesome time.

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