random summer activities

The plans I had scheduled for the kids this week fell through, so I was scrambling Sunday night to find some things for them to do. Rahul heard about some Railhawks summer camps at Aidan’s soccer practice the other weekend, so I decided to sign Aidan up for one this week. He is having a blast so far. Here is Aidan running off to join the first practice.


Today was a strange day. I had planned for the kids to go to Heritage Hill pool with Lucy and some other friends, but at 11am it was still in the low 70’s and cloudy…just not good pool weather. So, I cancelled the pool playdate, said goodbye to my writing time, loaded the kids up and took them to see Ice Age the movie.

In case you cannot tell, Samantha was super excited about the movie meal – kid popcorn, icie, and candy.


The only downside to Railhawks soccer camp – the time. 6-8:30pm….in Cary. Thinking Samantha was going to be bored to death for the second night in row, I texted Lucy’s mom to see if she could come to soccer camp with us. They had soooo much fun creating fairy houses, painting glitter on each other and the grass, I could go on. Check out the BFFs around 7pm tonight:


I was so grateful for Lucy. She made the 2.5 hr soccer camp bearable for my sweet Samantha….and I got some writing done!

Now for some other news…our *giant* squash. Going to the garden these days is so exciting, you never know what you will find!






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