best day ever!

Today was quite possibly the best family day ever! We went on a tour of Masonboro Island. For those that are not familiar with this area, click here for more info.

We started off riding around the shrimp boats, since this is a good spot to see dolphins. Check that off our to do list!


Then we headed over to “rock island,” also known as the jetty, for some fishing. Everyone caught fish!


Samantha caught the first 2 fish, what is called a double (2 fish, one on each hook). Her first was a ring tail, second a sea bass.


Rahul also had a double.


I caught a sea bass.


Aidan caught a ring tail.

Total fish caught: 15!

It was getting hot, so we decided to jump in the ocean to cool off. The water was so clear!


Next, we headed to Masonboro Island for some surfing. Because the island was completely deserted, I asked Kenny if he would try to teach me how to surf. He was confident and said he was 100% convinced I could do it…I was fit, athletic (woo hoo old lady Kristan!) Here I go….determined, and then up on the first try!


Next up, Rahul!


We started walking down the island, heading to the jetty. Apparently you can walk across the rocks all the way to the end…cool, huh? But, a BIG storm blew in so we ran back to the boat.

By the time we left the island the storm was gone, so we were able to complete the last activity on the tour – tubing!!

The kids had a blast, but were a bit surprised when Rahul and I said we would take a turn when asked. Jessie told the kids they had super cool parents because no other parents on the tour surf and tube…not sure how impressed they were, but we were!



Yes, both kids had their hands off the tube in motion….Aidan on his knees after being coaxed by Jessie to do so. Rahul and I held on for dear life, but had fun (even though we flew off face first when Kenny slowed down too fast at the end). We are hoping not to be too sore tomorrow….we both ran before the tour – running, surfing and tubing in one day is rough for old parents 🙂

Aidan had too much energy after dinner, so we headed out for a few minutes of fishing. I caught this fish, we are calling him “the beast” haha


Like I said, best day ever! Tomorrow will be a relaxing day 🙂

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