back to school shopping

We went back to school shopping today. Check out all the school supplies on the lists for rising 2nd and 3rd graders (with George in the bottom left corner and drying laundry to the right).


The strange part of shopping today was Aidan’s interest in clothes. Usually he says to just pick out shorts and t-shirts for him. Today he picked out his clothes and shoes. Check out his Converse (which he called converse….like talking…haha) I was happy that his fashion shoes were the Target sale special, ringing in at $19.99.


He was so proud of his fashion choices, and I only embarrassed him once during our shopping trip. Here is the scenario:

We are looking at clothes at Old Navy, going back and forth from boys to girls section. I picked up a dress for Samantha thinking she was behind me, turned around while saying “I think this dress would be a great first day of school outfit for you.” I am sure you have figured out by now that Samantha was not behind me….Aidan was, as well as another boy around 10 yrs old. I thought Aidan was going to die right there in Old Navy. Instead he mouthed “why do you *always* embarrass me? We have to talk about this when we get in the car.” It was an honest mistake, but my coolness as a mom decreases hourly.

13 days until school starts!

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  1. Too funny…all I can do is smile at that story! So hard to believe it is already that time again. Life is zooming by…

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