first travel soccer games

Dang, today was a long day! Samantha and I left at 10:40am to go to ballet then on to the first travel soccer games. Aidan and Rahul left at 11:15am to go to the soccer games. There were 4 games total. The boys played at 1pm, girls at 2:15, girls again at 3:30, boys again at 4:30pm. The last game ended at 6pm….in Fuquay Varina. We grabbed dinner in Apex and were home a little after 8pm. Whew!

We played some really tough teams, and both the boys and girls were really in for a shock going from rec to travel soccer level play. I know in my heart that both the girls and boys teams will improve. We have a lot of raw talent on both teams. It is just a higher level of play.

Now for the pics πŸ™‚

ImageSamantha made friends with one of the younger siblings on the girls team. I am so grateful for this friendship. It really made this marathon of soccer games bearable for both of them!

ImageMy favorite pic of the day. I think the CSL players need to sport red faux hawks like the player behind Aidan in this picture. Super hard core!

ImageThis would be Aidan’s girlfriend, or the gal he has a super big crush on. She is an amazing soccer player (also doing Girls On The Run with me) and really sweet.

ImageDowntime in between games. Check out who Aidan was hanging with…other than dad πŸ˜‰

It turns out that Aidan’s favorite soccer player left her soccer ball and water bottle behind. He said we should take them to her tonight. I suggested he call her to ask if she wanted him to bring them to the GOTR practice Monday or soccer practice Tuesday. I was surprised that he was a bit tongue tied on the phone with her….haha.

All in all, a good day. Both teams improved but have a steep learning curve at this level of play, but I am proud that Aidan was a really good sport today and played hard.


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  1. You are entering a whole other level of “busy”. Enjoy! Looks like it was beautiful weather for a day of soccer.

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