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The kids got their first progress reports of the school year yesterday. This was big for Aidan since this is the first time he gets letter grades. The work that has come home has been good, but not sure about all of his classwork. Students were also asked to do a self-report card. Check out Aidan’s:


Not sure how accurate the behavior part is…always good behavior, always listen to the teacher? Maybe he thinks if he writes it out, it will be true…haha

His actual progress report was close to his report – 3 As and 1 B. I emailed his teacher to ask about the B in Language Arts, not because I am the kind of mom that does not think a B is a good grade, but because I am the kind of mom that knows Aidan and students like Aidan. I know writing is difficult for him, and his handwriting when he does not really try is horrible. To my surprise, both of these areas are fine for Aidan. He made a 7/11 on one quiz and that pulled down his Language Arts grade because they do not have a lot of grades recorded right now. Also noteworthy, his behavior and work habits section. The only comment made was staying on task was checked as fine but “usually” written next to it. At our house we call this an exceptional first report for 3rd grade.

Now for Samantha. I am sure readers will be shocked to hear that she has no areas that need improvement, is reading on a 3rd/4th grade level, and is reported to be a great asset to the classroom. Samantha was born to do school! She told me yesterday that we did her homework assignment incorrectly (directions were not that clear, so I used my best guess to figure out what to do). Before she was even asked, she corrected the assignment (and also showed me the right way to do it).

So, all in all, 2 happy parents and 2 smart kiddos 🙂


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  1. Great job Aidan and Samantha!

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