relaxing Sunday

After our busy Saturday, we had a relaxing Sunday, complete with a run, Redskins football, and a yummy new dinner cooked by my sweet husband. Asian pork roast, enough for tonight and our super busy Tuesday night. Everyone (including me) went back for seconds.


Samantha and I have been brainstorming names for my birthday chickens. I definitely want one to be named Henny Penny, after the book. Right now Samantha wants to name one Susie, and Aidan wants one to be Cooper. Aidan also wants a rooster, but I explained that we already have a rooster named Samantha 🙂

And, a garden update: the greens and sugar snap peas are doing well. We will have a fresh garden salad or two this week. Yummy!


Aidan asked for decaf coffee when I stopped by Starbucks on our Target run this afternoon. His buddy Angel drinks decaf coffee, which automatically makes it cool 🙂


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  1. Weekends are the best :)!

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