just another Sunday

Just another Sunday in the Shimpi household….

Because I know all of you are anxiously awaiting a pic of my handiwork with making our back yard green with lovely grass, check out today’s update.


It is definitely a work in progress, getting grass to grow in the shade is not an easy feat. I thought working in the rain would help make the NC clay more tillable. It did at first, with my handy garden weasel. The best Valentine’s Day gift ever (note: just another reason I love my husband…anyone can buy a gal roses on V Day. A thoughtful hubby buys something he knows his wife will love 🙂

But today, the clay killed my garden weasel.


Then my hubby told me how to repair my favorite V day gift, so I am back in action!

Aidan borrowed a Rip Stick from his friends Brendan and Aidan (older sister Meghan does travel soccer and GOTR) after Saturday soccer practice. To say my Aidan was excited would be an understatement! He practiced his moves most of today…. and I am sure a Rip Stick is on his Santa list 🙂


Samantha and I checked the garden today and found tons of greens ready for harvest!


These greens tasted great along with Rahul’s chicken and dumplings (I might have made him a Southern guy with this dinner!)


Now for the best part of the day…Samantha picked up my camera today and wanted to take pics. I am so excited!


All in all, a great Sunday. Back to work, homework club, and after school activities tomorrow.


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  1. Another great Sunday! The yard looks great – keep the updates coming!

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