pocket knife badge

Aidan earned his pocket knife badge today. Like most things with the Shimpi family, there is a story to go along with it.He had been asking for a pocket knife for a while, and we finally gave in and got him one. It came in the mail on a crazy, busy day after school, so I did not give him the talk about how he would get in trouble if he took it to school. Fast forward to the next day, crazy busy drop off, went to work out, and then realized I had no idea where the pocket knife was.

Immediately I called the speech therapist I work with at PHS, but she was in a meeting. Knowing that Aidan would get 10 days OSS (out of school suspension) if caught with his pocket knife – it is considered a weapon these days at school, I drove to school and asked him to come out in the hall to talk with me. When I whispered “do you have your pocket knife at school?” He looked at me as if was crazy and said “I would get in big trouble if I brought it to school. It is in a safe spot in my room.” Whew! But I could not find that safe spot!

Now for tonight’s Cub Scouts meeting. Aidan got to use his pocket knife to whittle. He was so happy. I am glad he has been able to continue with Cub Scouts in addition to travel soccer.


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  1. Your story is too funny. Way to go Aidan for remembering the rules. I love cub scouts and all the boys are able to learn!

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