the messy desk

So, Aidan came home on Friday with a note from his teacher saying that his homework from Wed was incomplete. Rahul quickly jumped in to say that he told Aidan he did not have to write out the place value blocks in order to subtract if he could do it with regrouping. In all honesty, it did seem like a step backwards. If you can do it without the visuals, why use them?

Aidan was devastated that his homework was considered incomplete, so I called my speech therapist colleague to see if she would get his math workbook for me. She called back to say that she was able to get the workbook and asked if I had seen Aidan’s desk. Sigh. In my gut I knew this was an issue. He had 3 missing assignments when I checked his grades online (how cool is this?) Somehow I knew those missing assignments were in his desk.

After school today, Aidan and I went to his classroom to work on desk organization. I taught him the 3 pile strategy – one pile to keep, one pile to take home, one pile to throw away. Just another reason I know I was meant to be his mom 🙂



After our organizational work, Aidan had found his 3 missing assignments and all trash was out of his desk (as well as all the pencil shavings….no more desk pencil sharpeners….they are only a distraction).

I am glad that Aidan is naturally smart, learning comes easy for him (and it does not for a lot of students). He will need to work on organization, and for that I am completely qualified!


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October 23, 2012 · 1:36 am

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