Halloween 2012

We had a lot of activities scheduled for Halloween. Rahul took Aidan to a class party, and he had a blast! Samantha and I had GOTR practice before we headed to the Aguiars for pizza, adult Halloween (read: beer) and trick or treating.

Here are some pics of our fun night.


6 girls came out to run on Halloween. I call that dedication! We used candy corn for lap counters 🙂


The evil jester and 50s girl.


Believe it or not, I trusted these 2 to supervise my children while trick or treating 🙂 I have to admit it was nice to just let the kids go off and trick or treat while we hung out with friends.


Want to know who that scary dude is passing out candy and asking for children’s brains? I will give you a guess….he normally does not have hair on his head 🙂 Rahul had fun scaring little kids and giving out candy.

Fun times for sure. Highland Forest is our new trick or treating tradition!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I was wondering when I saw this posted on the Running site :).

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