time for school supports

Aidan made it to 3rd grade without needing any formal school supports, but 3rd grade is proving to be too challenging for him in terms of organization and planning. He had 2 report card grades drop a grade level b/c of missing assignments. After doing more desk organization with him we found some of the missing assignments but the grading period had ended, so the grades were the grades. It is hard to believe all of these papers actually fit into his classwork folder.


Since it is the student’s responsibility to manage work completed, corrected work, HW, incomplete work, etc I decided it was time to contact the school counselor about a Section 504 plan. This plan just levels the playing field for students like Aidan who struggle with organization and are not ready to have all of that responsibility in order to succeed in school. The plan will also allow him to have some testing accommodations, which will only help as well. Aidan asked if he could have a “work in progress” folder like his 2nd grade teacher used. I said absolutely and got him a bright yellow one today. I think this strategy works for him b/c if he puts *everything* in the classwork folder, he has no idea (especially when the amount of paper looks like the stack above) what is complete, what to turn in, what need to be addressed.


This afternoon we sorted thru that massive pile of papers, found some of the missing assignments from the first grading period while also finding some incomplete assignments that needed to be completed. He worked for over 2hrs this afternoon on those incomplete assignments and his regular homework with no complaints. I was a super proud mom 🙂


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  1. I still use a system at home much like the “work in progress” folder from 2nd grade. It is a great system… no matter what your age!

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