fun parenting day…sigh.

Next to me sits a well-deserved glass of wine. See?

Want to know why it is deserved? Well, I will tell you….

I went to Perry Harrison for the Teach Social First lesson 6 (one of my favorite Unthinkables – Collider!) As I am signing in, Aidan walks into the office with one of his classmates. His face when he saw me told me the reason he was there without having to ask. He whispered to me that he had to go see the asst principal because he got into a “tiny” food fight with a friend. Sigh. I wished him luck with his office visit and said that we would discuss his consequences after school. Since this was his first write up, he got off with a warning and was asked to apologize to the head custodian. We went a little further at home and asked him to write Mr. Ronnie a sorry note and explained how disrespectful it is to throw food, even if it feels like fun and games at the time.


As if that was not enough in one day, for some reason Samantha refused to put up her scooter and helmet after playing outside. I took a deep breath and said she could sit on the front porch until she did what I asked. 20 mins, yes 20 l-o-n-g minutes, later she finally did it.


So there you have it folks, my fun parenting day…not!


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  1. A well-deserved glass of wine!

    Zachary will be so happy to hear that Collider is one of your favorite unthinkables.

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