lots to process as a parent today

I was actually working in a 1st grade classroom today as the news of the CT school shooting spread around the world wide web. Being a teacher and a parent of elementary age kids, I was doubly traumatized.


No one should ever have to leave a school building the way that the kids pictured above had to. More traumatizing than that, the kids that did not leave at all.

So, I am wondering what to say to my own kids about today. I am not sure if it will be discussed at school, but even if it is it not discussed formally, kids will talk about it. I worry the most about Samantha. She worries about things like I do.  I would hate for her to worry about going to school. It is supposed to be a safe place in her world. Sigh, what to do. As a parent, I think I need more time to process everything. What a sad day.

Next up, Aidan’s Cub Scouts meeting. We did the family tree and ancestry assignment, even though as an adoptive parent I am not a big fan of these kinds of things. Aidan’s den leader talked about one of her relatives being an orphan and not knowing her ancestry. Aidan was oblivious, but I was not. For the assignment, we did the family tree part but decided to focus on India for the ancestry part since that is true for Aidan. We will never know anything about his Indian heritage, and I am fine with that. I think he will be too. It is just hard sometimes as an adoptive mom to listen to kids talk about their connections to both parents’ families and know that my kids do not have that.

What I do know is that they have 2 loving parents. A lot of kids are not able to say that.

Wow, deep thoughts from Kristan on a Friday night. Bring on the holidays ASAP!

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