getting excited about chickens

I decided I needed a lighter topic to write about today. The easy choice would be my pet chickens! For my upcoming 40th birthday / 10yr wedding anniversary I am asking for a chicken coop. My sweet hubby has agreed, even though he is not really that excited about the idea (Samantha and I can be pretty convincing 🙂 )

Here is the design I have picked:


I have done a lot of research on breeds. I want chickens that are good egg layers, heat and cold tolerant, and good temperament. Not a lot, huh? I have settled on 2 breeds – Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps.

buff d2de549d_5574257

I am thinking we will get 2 of each. Rahul wants to name his RG4. Aidan wants to name his Sexy (which was vetoed). Samantha wants to name hers Buffy. Me? Henny Penny 🙂

Check back in January for an update!


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