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the cough

Every year I get a lingering cough with a cold. When I saying lingering, I mean it can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. No joke. I started getting a cold before we went to Disney, but I started taking my Emergen-C (1,000 mg of Vitamin C, zinc, quercetin and antioxidants support your immune system) and made it through the trip ok. Then when we came back we had a crazy, busy week that ended with a crazy, busy party weekend. I knew on Sunday that there was no getting over this cold. I was so desperate to stop coughing on Tuesday that I took some leftover Cheratussin AC during the day (I was working in some 1st grade classes for Teach Social First).


This is hard core cough syrup. It combines codeine and guaifenesin. I managed to get through the day and soccer practice (home at 7:45pm) but knew I would need to take a day off today. I woke up, had breakfast, took some of my special cough syrup, and went back to bed. Imagine my surprise when Rahul woke me up at 2:30pm! I think the day of rest was helpful, but I am DONE with this cough! I decided to email my friend Ali (a Pulmonologist at Vanderbilt) to see what she thought. A healthy, non-smoking adult should not have such a debilitating cough every year. Rahul is also trying to get me an appt at the Duke Pulmonary clinic. Maybe I have asthma or there are treatments that I can start at the onset of my cold that can prevent the bad cough? I don’t know, but I am ready to take action and have a plan for when this happens next year.

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update on the chicks

I got the chicks some mealworms to try and get them more comfortable being around us. Whenever I open the brooder, they run to the far back. It has taken a few days of giving out treats, but they are starting to get more comfortable coming close to me.


I am little perplexed about Henny Penny’s behavior. She definitely is the chick in charge but it is not always around being first to eat. Sometimes she makes the other chicks move out of her way…just because. No aggression, which is good. I need to do more reading to figure out what is going on.


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the most thoughtful gift

Our friend Dawn brought the most thoughtful gift to the party last night.


This was her message inside the front cover –

Kristan and Rahul,

I found this in a used bookstore and thought of you. And then as I was flipping through it, on page 44 of “The Chosen” I found a pressed four leaf clover. It so seemed the sign that you should have this book. We are so glad you found each other in this sea of souls. Happy Anniversary. 

Quite possibly the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. I laminated the clover to page 44 and it is proudly displayed on our fireplace mantle. Good friends are amazing to have in your life!


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what a fun night!

Our party was definitely a hit. The food was great, friends that did not even know each other at the start of the party were friends by the end. Baby Mabrey even made an appearance!

Fun times for sure. I cannot wait to celebrate another 10 years with my amazing husband 🙂 

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more snow and party planning

We got more snow today, well it was more sleet than snow. School was supposed to be dismissed at 11:30am because the wintry mix was starting at noon. The weather guys missed the mark on that…it started snowing around 10:15am and school was out at 10:30am. The kids played outside some, but not a lot because it was really, really cold out. Check out Samantha and her mischievous grin as she prepares to push her brother on the sled 🙂


Next was party planning. Check out all the beer we have! We are planning on having about 30 guests. We also have wine (red and white).


Samantha helped decorate the party donation jar. We asked that friends not bring gifts but instead drop off some money for Hands to Hearts. I love her decorating!



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Wow, I had a lot of celebrations today – lunch and dinner! Check out what I had for dinner.


My favorite meal of all – beef tenderloin from 411 West. Yuuuuuum. This was the kids’ first dinner at 411 (kind of fancy for them) and they did great. For dessert we shared chocolate chess pie. Now, I am not a big fan of desserts, but dang this was tasty!

Now for a chicken update. Everyone seems to be doing well. They are eating a ton! Here is Aidan with Buffy (the only chick that  likes to be held). My chick – Henny Penny is emerging as the leader of the group. Hahaha!


I cannot wait to celebrate more this weekend. 40 and 10 years with the man of my dreams. What more could a girl ask for?


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Anniversary and Birthday Eve

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is my 40th b-day and our 10 year wedding anniversary. This was the conversation at our house the night before we eloped:

Me – are you sure you want to make it official? Living together is the same thing.
Rahul – no it is not, and yes I am sure. I love you more than anything.
Me – ok, but if I have a panic attack do not take it personally.
Outcome: no panic attack and the best decision I ever made 🙂


I am really looking forward to 40, really! I am healthy, happy, have a wonderful husband, 2 awesome kiddos, love where I am professionally. Really, I could not ask for anything else. My word for 2013 – grateful!


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