soccer, pinewood derby, picture time and gratitude!

Yep, just another crazy, busy Saturday at the Shimpi house. The day started off with a soccer scrimmage in Pittsboro. Most of the players are from the U11 Classic team coached by our friends Davide and Ed. I could tell Aidan was definitely intimidated at the start of practice, but after a rusty start, he held his own with the bigger, more talented players.


We did take a trip to Target after the game to get Aidan some warmer soccer clothes. The poor kid played in shorts today! I am proud to report that he now owns athletic pants, coat, gloves and a beanie to keep his head warm 🙂

Now for a pinewood derby update. The big race is in a few weeks, so Rahul and Aidan have been working hard on his design. This year his race car is a truck! I think it is going to be bright red – awesome! Check out Aidan doing some sanding this afternoon.


This afternoon Samantha and I went out in the woods to take some pics. Check out this pic I snapped after Samantha took her first bird pic 🙂 She is my “mini me” haha


And, last but not least, Samantha’s gratitude journal entry for tonight – one of the things she wrote that she was grateful for was her foster parents in Guatemala. Wow, she always amazes me!


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