Yep, it snowed last night but only an inch of snowy ice. The kids made the best of it this morning before heading to school.


It took some work, but she found some clean snow/ice 🙂


It was hard work to get the leaves out of the snowballs. You gotta work hard in North Carolina to get a good snowball!


Samantha’s favorite thing to do in pictures these days is to try and give her brother bunny ears….sigh. Sibling love, huh?


Aidan figured out how to ice skate on the workshop walkway…give the kids anything white outside, and they will find a way to have fun in it!


Fireball, however, was not that excited about snow and ice. He debated going outside this morning. I told him to take a vacation day, since there would not be a lot out and about for him to hunt and kill.

The kids went to school from 9:45-11am today, mainly so that Aidan could turn in a few last minute assignments on the last day of the grading period. He is really hoping to earn A Honor Roll this grading period.

We made it to Florida even earlier than anticipated (love Southwest) got unpacked, the kids went swimming, had dinner, and now we are planning our day at Magic Kingdom. Get ready Mickey Mouse, we are coming to visit tomorrow!


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