Young Author Tea

Yesterday was the Annual Young Author Tea. For more on the actual books, click here.

Aidan earned 2nd place for book design. Samantha earned 4th place in non-fiction (the largest category, I think).  This was the first time Angel had ever submitted a book, and she was proud to get her very first certificate. I wish she still did HW club with us 😦

So here are some pics – enjoy!


Aidan looks like he has stage fright….haha. His poor friend was trying to give him a “fist bump” to congratulate him 🙂

DSC_6081 DSC_6134

Samantha is already working on her book idea for next year…a book about Girls On The Run…woo hoo!

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One response to “Young Author Tea

  1. Way to go Aidan and Samantha! This was always one of my favorite events at PHS.

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