I am finally back on track. I had an appt with a pulmonologist a few weeks ago and was diagnosed with cough variant asthma. Turns out I have had it all my life. I have a couple of inhalers, one to use at the onset of a cold and another to use if I start coughing. Hopefully the sickness with cough that lingers for months is gone for good!

I am so glad to be better. Whew. Then Aidan woke up this morning with a high fever. He cried because he knew if he missed school it would end his 3 yr perfect attendance record. Poor guy. We took Samantha to school, I canceled my workout and my meeting with the Willow Oak curriculum person and had breakfast. Around 8:30am I got a call from the school that Samantha had thrown up. Ugh! So back to school we went to pick up a sick Samantha. She threw up a few more times during the day but perked up this evening.

I made arrangements to get Aidan’s classwork and homework so that he does not get behind. 3rd quarter grades were updated last night and it was the first time he did not have any missing or incomplete assignments. We need to keep this positive trend going!

Our house had trash cans around “just in case” and lots of crackers, Sprite and soup to eat.


Hopefully the kids will be back on track soon. For now, I will be washing my hands a ton!



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  1. Oh, Kristan…I am so sorry! I hope Aidan and Samantha feel much better very soon. I am at least glad you are feeling better. Fingers crossed it passes quickly.

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