new friend, an impromptu soccer drill, and a surprise!

A friend of mine connected me with her cousin that adopted from Guatemala. She is a part of a group of families from the Triangle that have adopted from Guatemala. We got together this afternoon and Samantha was really excited. She asked me on the way home from school – will she have brown skin like me? Will she have brown eyes like me? Will she have brown hair like me? She and Lucia hit it off immediately! I often feel guilty because we have so much more in terms of cultural connections for Aidan. I am so glad we have found this connection for her!


Now for the soccer drill. Aidan has not had a lot of practices this spring because of all the rain we have been getting. Add in 4 new players to the team and the need for practice is even more important. One of the coaches sent an email asking for the boys to practice some drills for ball control. I have had the email posted on our reminder board for a week. Tonight Aidan created a drill series to practice ball control. Rahul and I were both impressed.

DSC_7393 DSC_7387 DSC_7385

And, last but not least, the surprise. Today I did my very first unassisted chin up! This is a big deal for a girl. It requires a lot of upper body strength. I am so proud.

girl chinup


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4 responses to “new friend, an impromptu soccer drill, and a surprise!

  1. benmollywillisaac

    kristan, you are smokin’ hot. go girl on that chin up!!! that is no joke!

    your kids are awesome, – i love reading about their adventures and especially loved reading about sweet Samantha today. miss you, guys!

  2. You look like you should be in a muscle building competition! You are cut!! Way to go!

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