landscaping Sunday fun!

It was time to get out in the gardens today. I pulled up an entire wheelbarrow full of weeds in the front gardens before starting to dig in the dirt and plant some flowers in our newly landscaped back garden. Disclaimer: the original plan was to plant veggies in the back yard but once the leaves on the trees came in there was not enough sun in the back for veggies. No worries – Samantha and I found plants and shrubs that will re-seed each year for this area. Check out what we found and planted.


Just need to get that drainage pipe buried and it will be perfect!


There will be potato vines on each of these small trellises once the pipe is buried (right now this area gets flooded when I backwash the pool).


We found a black eyed susan vine…never seen one before!


My iris garden 🙂


Each raised bed has a blueberry bush in the center surrounded by re-seeding annuals. We got 4 different kinds of blueberry bushes – Climax, Brightwell, Tifblue, and Premier. I wonder which one will have the best berries?

Rahul snapped these pics as well, which I thought were just beautiful. 2 happy kids 🙂

DSC_9764 DSC_9797

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