day 2 with no kids

Dang, no kids is no fun! Rahul and I have had 2 dates (one at lunch today with our Smooch) and are trying to find more fun things to do, but in all honesty we like hanging out with our kiddos 🙂

I worked in the gardens this morning – weeding, the less fun part of gardening, while also working with Smooch on the Invisible fence in the front yard. And, I came up with an idea for the front woods….sigh. I really need to get a “real job” soon. My idea is a fire pit and patio. Think fall front yard hang out area! The first step in making this happen  – cutting down the small trees.


Now, while we were missing the kids we got this video from Mema.

And this pic.


Not sure they are missing us as much as we are missing them 🙂


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  1. I think you are right, Kristan!

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